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So I was watching Blue Velvet, and it instantly made me think of a stroy with a boy, yes boy, named Bainbridge and a girl named Marcit. I love weird names, for some reason they're just so interesting.

Anyway, he, Bainbridge, is a guy who is just living life, literally. All he does is what he does, if you get me. If not, I mean that he has no goals, nothing to look forward to, he doesn't even watch the Kardashians. Who doesn't watch the Kardashians? I have to say, personally, I love Khloe, she keeps it entertaining. But I digress. Bainbridge, besides just living, has a job at the local candy shop, Vaudveldeli's Candy, and it pretty much content with it. He serves awful looking chocolate bars, that are obscenely over priced.

One day, he meets a young girl named Marcit, who is a little bit dirty, and a little bit creepy. All she wants are some cherry sugar droplets to feed to her pet back home. She doesn't specify what kind. He gives her the candy, she knocks him out. OOOH SHOCKING! Heh Heh. I could so tell you guys knew that was coming. I know what's going to happen, but do you?
  • Listening to: Feist - 1234
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  • Drinking: Diet Sunkist... =^(
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August 5, 2010


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